NONA VARSITY – Mission Success

This past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia the Nona Varsity Boys were looking forward to getting punched in the mouth and seeing how they would respond. We were on the search to be challenged and we found it! 

First game out the gates we fell behind by 20 points (first that’s happened). I challenged the players to look inside and fight! And we did just that! We brought the lead down to 5 points before losing in a free throw battle. We went to win the next two games by a combined 10 points and lost the 4th and last game of the weekend in the last 3 minutes. 

Needless to say we would have loved to have won all 4 games but we would not have learned about ourselves, as individuals and as a team, as much as we did with these losses. 

Two wins and two losses never felt so good! Knowing we can get punched in the mouth, get knocked down and have the resolve to get back up and punch back harder is so much of what we all learned about ourselves!

Heads were turned and names were taken…now they know who Nona Basketball Academy is all about! The best is yet to come!

Varsity Boys Coach – Alex Oquendo.